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10 Best Cloud Storage Apps Absolutely Free In 2017

In today’s digital world, information seems to be overflowing for one and all. Your folders of office documents, travel pics, favorite movies and songs seems to be increasing with each passing day thus making you ponder how can you store new things without deleting past ones? Well, worry no more. After extensive research on the internet, I have unearthed a treasure trove of best cloud storage providers which cumulatively offers a huge space for all your requirements.

First, let’s be done with the BIG GUNS i.e. the most popular guys in Best Cloud Storage provider Town!

G-drive by Google gives you 15 GB of free space, Microsoft OneDrive 15GB, and Dropbox 2GB. Almost 70% of you know about these offers as they are arguably the best cloud storage providers. For the rest 30% of people, you are welcome!

Now let’s see the others:

Best Cloud Storage Apps in 2017:

  1. Adrive

best cloud storage

Offering you a mammoth 50GB of free cloud storage, this is surely something to be noticed. However, as it is mostly powered by advertisement revenues hence expect a few ads here and there. But who cares for a few ads until our storage demands are met. Right?


best cloud storage

 It comes with 10 GB of free storage with a single file upload limit of 250 MB. Despite of this restriction, I will recommend it aggressively as the security of data is ironclad with multiple layers of encryption.


best cloud storage

It provides you with 10 GB of free space and an additional 10 GB for inviting friends. So there you go, 20 GB of free cloud storage for you and your best friend each.


best cloud storage

Although this offers only 5 GB of free space, we will take them all as along as the dough is free, won’t we?


best cloud storage

Just like the previous one, this also provides you with 5 GB of free space.


best cloud storage

Another free 5 GB cloud space.

7. Spider Oak

best cloud storage

2 GB of free storage only but the encryption involved here is simply awesome! The user data is totally secure here. A good repository for all your important files and folders.

8. Mega

best cloud storage

This cloud storage service provides you with 50 GB of free storage. However it has no password recovery option and hence if you forget your password, you lose your data forever. So beware! Very precarious for people like me who forget their passwords every once in a while.


best cloud storage


Finally, the last one in the list provides you with 10 GB of free storage.

All the above-mentioned cloud storage providers also have plans for higher storage space but they come with a charge. So if you are always running out of storage space, I think the above are the best cloud storage providers. Another good thing about these is they are all available as an Android application thus providing you an option of seamless synchronization across all your devices  ( all are available on the Google Playstore) So say goodbye to your storage worry days and Happy downloading!

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