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About Me:

About Us-Avijit MistryHi! I am Avijit chief editor of Smallseoblog and also the owner of this blog. First, of all a heartily welcome to my blog for landing this about us page. Hope you all like my article also. I will not bore you to tell about my all details, I am a very simple guy from an engineering background 4th-year student from India.


I am very passionate about the internet from my school days. And this passion helps me to host my own blog. I am very passionate about blogging. Although, I am not a full-time blogger, just doing it cause I like it.

Other activities:

Apart from blogging and study, I like to play outdoor games very much. I like to play Cricket and Football both, with my friends on my free time. Sometimes I also like to make new food but believe me I am not a good cook.

About Smallseoblog.com:

Smallseoblog.com is a tech blog, here covers topic like SEO, SEM, WordPress tutorial, tech tips and how to guides. Whatever I learn related to tech and SEO topics I shared it on my blog. We accept guest blogging also on smallseoblog.com. If have any queries about blogging or guest post then contact us: here. Happy to help you.