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Advanced Twitter Search Operators That You Don’t Know

Most people are familiar with this page where you can type in almost anything hashtags and type usernames to do a Twitter search. And if that doesn’t work for you then you can also go to advanced search and do a little bit more in depth. Today I want to go over with you how to do a Twitter search but I want to talk with you about Twitter search operators in doing your search. You could search for tweets in certain languages, certain places or areas. And you can also do a sentiment positive-negative questions and even include retweets. I’m going to show you a shortcut to doing the same types of searches that call Twitter search operators even you can use Twitter advanced search.
Twitter operators are the shortcut method to search on Twitter. They’re really just a phrase some punctuation that will allow you to go directly to your search results without having to go to the advanced search page.

Twitter Search Operators:

  • to: Google :

So first is to operator and use of this operator is really simple. If you want to find who’s tweeting the Google, use to:google operator without any space. You can replace the search term Google with anything you want.

  • from:google :

If you search using this operator on twitter then you will get tweets from Google. A search operator is quite tricky search methods. Using this tricky method you will get only what you need and it saves lots of time.

  • film near:NYC within:10mi :

If you wanted to do a search for tweets in a certain location or in a certain area, the Twitter operator you
would need to use is called near colon your city region and then within colon the distance(film near:NYC within:10mi)
So in my example here I am searching for people that are tweeting about film near NYC within 10 miles. You will get many tweets in this area they are talking about the film. It could be any search term you are looking for.
  • breaking news filter:links:

The another tricky Twitter search operators is filtered. The above search operator means I am looking for the tweets which have exact search terms breaking news but also want to include all those tweets which have link and this is done by the phrase filter:links.

  • breaking news -http:

This search operator helps you to find all tweets which have exact search terms breaking news but it excludes the links. Especially the tweets which has links that take you to out from Twitter and -http operators done that job. Remember you can replace breaking news with any other search terms.

  • obama since:2013-06-09:

This operator allows you to show all tweets of Obama from 2013-06-09.

  • obama untill:2013-06-09:

And this Twitter search operators also does the same things but it will show the all tweets before the date 2013-06-09.

  • ? twitter:

A question mark(?) with search queries will help you to find all tweets that have question mark along with your search phrase. It can be anything like ?google, ?apple etc.

  • “SEO” near:”san francisco”:

This Twitter search operators will show you all the tweets containing the exact search terms SEO near San Francisco. This twitter search operator helps you to find tweets location wise.

  • beer -root:

Twitter search contain all the tweets with exact search term beer but -root operator excludes all tweets which have root terms.

  • “breaking news”:

All tweets contain the exact search term breaking news. It is a very general search operator, it also works for Google.

  • #apple:

Containing all the tweets which have hashtag “apple”.

  • @mashable:

All tweets contain @mashable when someone mentions about Mashable in his/her tweets. This operator helps you to show all tweets when someone referencing about Mashable.

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