Best SEO Extension MozBar

Best SEO Extension MozBar For Google Chrome

MozBar is the best SEO extension for Google Chrome that helps you to see the page and domain authority of a website.By using this SEO toolbar you will understand the SEO performance of your website. Without SEO people will not find in the SERP’s. Previously I wrote a post on the importance of search engine optimization(SEO), you may read it to know moe useful tips.

Page Authority(PA):

Page authority is a score out of a hundred developed by Moz that predicts how well a specific page will rank in search engines.

Domain Authority(DA):

Domain authority is a score out of a hundred that predicts how an entire website will perform in SE.

How to install best SEO extension MozBar?

In March 2006 google removed PageRank from the public. This means that you need to use page and domain authority to calculate the quality of a certain website or link. MozBar is the best SEO extension or SEO addon and at the time of writing, it is only available for google chrome.

  • To install MozBar go to and search for MozBar. The first result that comes up should be the current web store click on it.

Best SEO Extension MozBar search

  • Then click on the ADD TO CHROME button

Best SEO Extension MozBar

  • Finally, click on Add Extension

Best SEO Extension

Once MozBar has been added you will see a new blue M icon on your browser.

Best SEO Extension MozBar for chrome

How to use best SEO extension MozBar?

Now open any website you want and you will see a new bar at the top of your browser like below image.

Best SEO Extension MozBar tool

To be able to use best SEO extension MozBar you will need to sign up for a Moz account which is one hundred percent free.


  • To create an account click on the yellow Create Account button.

create Best SEO Extension MozBar account

  • So after logged in now you will see the domain Authority and the page Authority on the MozBar.

DA and PA of best SEO extension MozBar

  • If you go insight you will see how many likes shares and comments this page has on Google+. How many likes shares and comments this page has on Facebook.

Moz Score:

  • Let’s take a minute to talk about the Moz Score for the DA a score between 30 and 40 is average. Anything over 40 is good and anything over 50 is excellent.
  • For PA a score between 45 and 55 is average. Anything over 50 is good and anything over 60 is excellent.

Now let’s continue on page optimization this is a premium feature. It basically allows you to enter a keyword so you can check how to optimize the pages for that specific keyword.

Highlight links:

  • This allows you to highlight certain links on the page. By clicking on Followed you are able to see all of the links that are do follow links.
  • No-followed:  This allows you to view all of the links that are no follow.
  • External: This allows you to see all of the links that are linking to an external website.
  • Internal: This feature finds all the links that are linking internally.

dofollow link for best SEO extension MozBar

Here I show you just for followed link, I hope you will try for others also. This is the best SEO extension for me it helps me to save lots of time and increases my productivity.

Page analysis:

Page analysis allows you to see specific data about the page you on. I recommend that you click on it so you can get an idea off the top of the information that you can get.

Change settings:

On the right-hand side there is the tools and settings option click on it. It will open a popup box and enable everything in there this will allow you to see more information.

You can change the theme from light to dark this, of course, is a personal preference. Now you will see the toolbar is a dark color.

Number of backlinks:

You can now also see the number of backlinks a specific page has.

Finally, there is one more feature that I would like to show you if you go to and do a search. I searched for WordPress. You are now able to see the page Authority the number of backlinks and the domain authority of a website directly from the google search results.

Lot of features available in a single SEO addon and this makes MozBar best SEO extension.

Best SEO Extension MozBar on google search

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