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How to Block/Unsubscribe Someone on Gmail

Is your inbox getting flooded by unwanted emails? I know this is very irritating sometimes to get an unwanted email from someone. Gmail has great features to block someone. Although, You can select someone as spam, but sometimes spam doesn’t work successfully. Even after selecting spam you may get an email from that particular email address. No need to worry; now you can block email in Gmail or you can unsubscribe that email.

How to  block email in Gmail:

It is very annoying to get an unwanted email from someone. If you don’t want to get an email from this particular email address, then you can block that person to send any further email.

Follow this steps to block email in Gmail:

  1. First of all login to your Gmail account.
  2. Click on an email which you want to block.
  3. Then click on the arrow upper right section of the email.
  4. block email in gmail
  5. From there select Block “Sender’s Name.”
  6. Finally, click on BLOCK to confirm.

block email in gmail

After blocking that person, no email will come directly to your inbox. All email will store in your spam folder.This way easily you can block email in Gmail.

Apart from this method (block email), you can remove unwanted email from your inbox by following this two methods:

How to Report Someone as Spam:

Gmail has a feature to filter someone as spam. If you get unwanted emails from a particular email address, then you can put that sender to your spam folder. As I mentioned in very first paragraph of this article that selecting spam doesn’t work 100% sometimes. Sometimes you may get an email from that sender directly to your inbox.

Follow this steps to report someone as spam emailers

  1. Login and click on an email which you want to report as spam.
  2. Then click on the little arrow as shown in picture below
  3. report spam in gmail
  4. From there select “Report spam.

Then immediately you will see that that email is no longer in you inbox. You will find that email in the spam folder.

If you have done it by mistake then follow this step to fix it:

  1. First of all, go to spam folder
  2. Select the email that you put into spam folder
  3. Above that email, you will see two things i) spam ii) cross sign
  4. Click on the cross sign

remove from spam folder

Then check your inbox, there you will find that email.

How to Unsubscribe Someone on Gmail:

On the past, you probably subscribe an email to get notification from that company or organization. Maybe you are interested in that time now you think it is irrelevant to you. And you don’t want to get any notification from them. So, you want to unsubscribe those email notifications. How will you do that?

It is very easy to do that, just follow this steps:

  1. Click on the email that you subscribe previously.
  2. Now, you will see the Unsubscribe option beside senders email address.
  3. Click on the unsubscribe link.
  4. unsubscribe unwanted email in gmail
  5. Then click on the unsubscribe button to confirm.

confirm unsubscribe email in gmail

Finally, you will get a message that you unsubscribe successfully.

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