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Why Keyword Research and Keywords Are Vital for Success

As keywords and keyword research have developed gradually over the years. More and more marketers are seeing the importance of adding keywords to their content. They may see keyword research more as a tactical rather than a strategic aspect of their campaigns. They also realize that it plays an important part in their internet marketing initiatives.In the following sections, we will look deep into the obvious reasons why keyword research is important to build a successful business.

Online searching starts with keyword or keyword phrase:

Think about how you have found information on the internet. You typically either started with a search query in a search engine or found a keyword link on a website or blog that interested you enough to click. Right?  You may even have typed in an Url or searched for words you read or heard about from an offline marketing campaign or promotion. Either way, it was a keyword that represented what you were looking for. If keywords are almost always at the beginning of all that we search for, then wouldn’t you think that identifying the right keywords for your campaign is highly important? Keyword research is more than just finding keywords for your PPC campaign.

Things to be considered during keyword research:

During keywords research, you should follow few simple factors that affect the keyword research. Here I mention four very basic factors that should take account when you will perform keyword research using Google Adwords keyword research tool.

Monthly search volume of keywords:

Always select keywords that have highly monthly search volume. High searched volume keywords will drive more traffic to your website.

Keyword competition:

When you search keywords for your website or for blog post keyword competition must take into account. Always select low competition but high searched volume keywords. It is quite easy to rank better for low competition keywords. Never choose high competition keywords because it is very hard to get a better rank for those keywords. So, wisely choose your keywords for which you want to rank.

Consider long tail keywords:

This is strategy plays a big role to rank on google’s first page. If you are not a big company or a big brand then it is always a good idea to choose long tail keywords. Big companies or brand generally target short tail keywords. They also spend money for paid advertisement program. So it almost impossible to compete with them.

Perhaps long tail keywords have low search volume but it will drive more targeted traffic to your website. It will help to increase your conversion rate.

Use selected keywords:

The last and least is use the keywords for your website. Use those keywords in:

  • Title of your website
  • Url of your website
  • Heading
  • Sub-Heading
  • Use it in Italic text
  • Use it in the bold Bold text.

All this stuff comes under On-Page optimization. We do it for optimizing the content for targeted keywords. For this, you should have a basic idea of search engine optimization(SEO) technique and understand the importance of search engine optimization.

Keyword research is a strategic job:

Most of the internet marketers indicate that they feel keyword research is tactical. But they fail to see it as more of a strategic step in the overall process of developing internet marketing campaigns. Without a strategy, you will become lost in the depths of random pages of web content without a core meaning or focus.

Keyword research form the foundation for all marketing campaigns:

Keyword research is the main foundation of all marketing campaigns. It could be online or offline campaigns. Without keyword no one will know you, no one will find you anywhere.

Here we take an example of offline marketing-Suppose you have a grocery shop, where you sell daily basic need. So you shop name should be something related to your business. So that people can easily understand what you are selling. Here keywords play the vital role to select the proper name for your business.

If your shop doesn’t have any proper name then no will understand what’s about your shop unless the customer comes to your door. But if they see the name like this: “Big Basket Daily Needs” customer will easily understand that it is a grocery store. So selecting proper keywords matters to your business, irrespective of offline or online business.

Online marketing is the same things. People will search for particular keywords, the search engine displays a bunch of results. If any resulting match to that person according to his/her need then they will click on that result.

Where we can apply keyword research strategy:

Let’s look at all of the places keywords and keyword research can be used in both online and offline marketing campaigns:

Online campaigns:

  • search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Paid search advertising (PPC)
  • social media marketing
  • local search
  • Mobile search
  • video and image search
  • display and banner ads
  • email marketing
  • real-time search

Offline campaigns:

  • Print advertising
  • tv advertising
  • radio advertising
  • Public relations
  • Positioning and branding
  • direct marketing
  • Billboard advertising

so keywords can affect public perception, employee mentality, and of course, search engine rankings. If organizations can catch the vision of the power of the consistent use of the right keywords, it can be the silver lining that can help to propel organizations to success.

Keyword research’s role in offline marketing:

if you work earnestly at identifying the right keywords for your SEO and PPC campaigns and you then include your core keywords in your online content, why not continue to use the same content offline? in fact, much of what happens offline eventually gets posted online. For example, tv commercials are now appearing online through youtube or other social media sites.Press releases often go out to the newswire but eventually get picked up by
online news sites. likewise, public relations content finds its way to news and social media sites.

Picking the wrong keywords can waste time and money:

Keyword research is a tedious job and it is difficult to automate. Ask anyone how long it takes to get the search engine ranking you desire and you will get many answers. Some lucky souls will report that they have achieved good results in two to three months, while some will tell you it took them a year or two to get their targeted results.

Suppose you achieved your desire rankings using a set of haphazard keywords within five to six months.Then you realized that you were driving the wrong traffic to your site. You checked your site analytics and found that the traffic you were bringing to your site with those keywords just didn’t convert. You would have visitors, but they would not fill out any forms or purchase anything.

Now think about how much time and money were spent getting you to this point. Many people waste significant resources because they do not take the time to carefully identify the right keywords from the beginning. Always research keywords carefully and select the proper keywords for your business or content. Select proper keywords help you to avoid potential loss of money and time.

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