Do You Know Why Smartphones Are Rectangular Shape?

The 21st century is the revolutionary era of smartphones. Almost all of us are using them, so much so it has become an integral part of our lives and almost all smartphones are rectangular shape.

But why cell phones are always rectangular in shape? Have you ever thought about it? why they are rectangular, not circular in shape?

Of course, there is a reason behind this. Not only science but also maths is involved in this concept.Here are the reasons for this:

Why Smartphones Are Rectangular Shape?

Easy to handle:

The rectangular shape is easy to handle compared to the circular, triangular etc. Imagine you are holding a CD in your pocket or by hand. It’s difficult. Right? It will be flexible for the user to hold the rectangular one.

Earlier cellular phones generally fell into a rectangular shape because of the way keypad, display, speaker, the antenna had to be placed. With the advancement of circuitry implementation and components, smartphones are getting sophisticated day by day.

Entertainment point of view:

Apart from calling and messaging smartphones comes with many entertainment features like playing video games, watching movies, watching videos. And rectangular shape gets more impression than circular or any other shape.

Aspect ratio:

You might not be focusing on this aspect ratio. But probably you would have definitely gone through this term. Users can experience the screen clarity and pictures quality only by this aspect ratio. The best and standard ratio is 16:9 symmetry. The alphabets and characters are much more classic on this rectangular device.

You can follow this link to know more about aspect ratio: Aspect ratio

The square pixels easily fills a rectangle without any overlap or gaps. But other shapes like circle triangle etc. would have either wasted space where there were new pixels or very oddly shaped pixels on the edges. So, chances of characters going out of space in other shapes is high as space is not 100-percent useful.

smartphones are rectangular shape

There is geometry involved in this concept. If you are a mathematics student then you might have gone through the word perimeter. According to Mathematics, the perimeter of a rectangle is greater than a circle or triangle.

  • Area of rectangle= 2*(length+breath)
  • Area of a circle= 2*Pi*radius

smartphones are rectangular shape

Moreover, pixels are square shape, it is not circular shape. So if we made any circular or triangle shaped smartphones then some of the pixels will not remain in the screen fully.So now we can understand why the rectangular shape is preferred in comparison to all the other shapes.

Are you using any other form which is not rectangular? Let me know by commenting down below.



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